Cleaning Supplies

Carpet Medic, Inc. has an assortment of amazing products for use in cleaning and combatting odors. Below is a list of the available products we have for sale.

Sell Price Product Size
$10.00READY-TO-USE Oxy-Force1 qt.
$10.00READY-TO-USE Nilotex1 qt.
$25.00READY-TO-USE X-O 32 oz.
$22.00Concentrated X-O 32 oz.
$27.00Concentrated X-O + 32 oz.
$40.00READY-TO-USE X-O 1 gal.
$50.00Concentrated X-O1 gal.
$55.00READY-TO-USE X-O +1 gal.
$65.00Concentrated X-O +1 gal.
$5.00READY-TO-USE X-O2 fl. oz.
$8.00READY-TO-USE X-O8 fl. oz.
$15.00READY-TO-USE X-O16 fl. oz.
$6.00READY-TO-USE X-O +4 fl. oz.
$16.00READY-TO-USE X-O +16 fl. oz.
$8.00READY-TO-USE Miracle Spotter12 fl. oz.

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