Pet Odor

Pet odor is usually caused by animal urine, and is a common household problem. It often intensifies when temperature and humidity levels rise.

Carpet Medic, Inc. uses an all-purpose odor neutralizer, not a masking agent, to treat and remove pet odor. We use only the best all natural and non-allergenic deodorizing product available today with success rate of nearly 100% in the removal of pet odor.

This product is people, pet, and environmentally safe. Rather than simply masking the odors, it destroys them in seconds and leaves your home with a fresh, clean scent. And, we can also inject the deodorizer into the pad for deeply affected areas.

Our detection tools allow the technicians to identify the areas affected. Once deemed what action is necessary, the course of action will be reviewed with you by the technician.

Unfortunately, if the pet still resides in the residence, a guarantee of removal cannot be given. In extreme cases, pad may need to be removed, and baseboards, flooring, and walls may need to be treated and sealed.

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