Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning should to be left to the professionals.

To provide a clean and healthy environment, carpet cleaning is a critical maintenance procedure to adhere to. Not only does it provide a healthy environment, but it also extends the life of your valuable flooring investment.

Using our professional carpet cleaning equipment and processes, all areas are cleaned completely soap free. This quickens the drying time and leaves no sticky residue. Soaps, unlike our cleaning agents, will attract more dirt and require frequent, unnecessary cleanings.

Covering all of Chicagoland, including all suburbs, Carpet Medic, Inc. is the carpet cleaning professional you can trust.

For experienced and reliable carpet cleaning professionals with old fashioned customer service, call Carpet Medic at 630-285-9600. We will show you an unprecedented level of cleanliness.

The Cleaning Process

Carpeting is very similar to a furnace filter. It traps dirt, dust, pollen, dander, dust mites, dust mite feces and other unwanted contaminants, but vacuuming and walking along the carpet can stir up these particles and release them into the air.

At Carpet Medic, Inc., we use a specialized enzyme cleaning process which traps all the debris in your carpet via "encapsulation" and keeps the particulates on the carpet. Many of our competitors' chemicals agitate these particulates and make them airborne. This "encapsulation" enzyme is the most effective method for complete carpet cleaning and allergen removal.

Our cleaning products have a neutral pH level which is at the same levels as water. The problem with most carpet cleaners is that they use products with a 12 or 13 on the pH scale (the extreme side of basic). This leaves your carpet with a sticky residue that begins to attract dirt shortly after being cleaned, thus re-soiling your carpet quickly.

Our Unique Carpet Cleaning System

1. Inspection of all carpet areas.

2. Put up durable protectors to protect your walls and corners.

3. Attach cuplink wraps to protect your flooring.

4. Pre-spray with a enzyme to encapsulate all debris and keep them on the carpet.

5. Move majority of furniture. (The technician will go over what furniture you want moved. The vast majority of it can and will be moved.)

6. Machine scrub for agitation. A deodorizer may also be added if needed. (Optional Service: Additional Charges May Apply) -80% of our competition does not own a scrubber.

7. Hot water extraction of all carpet using truck mounted unit. The temperature of the water reaches 230°, which kills all bacterium immediately and permanently. Our trucks are equipped with a water softener that rinses your carpet with "soft water," leaving your carpet feeling comfortable and homey.

8. Additional dry wand strokes are preformed in order to remove all water.

9. Air movers are used while we clean to speed dry your carpet at no additional fee.

Call 630-285-9600 to speak with a carpet cleaning specialist now.

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